Commercial and Residential
Construction Loan Support Services      
Here is what we do for you!          
Prior to Construction:
Review:    The Construction Contract
Contractor's Cost Breakdown
Architectural Plans & Specs
Soil Reports / Site Engineering
Proposed Draw Schedule
Contractor's Insurance
Notice of Commencement
Building Permits
During Construction:
               General Description of the Project
Visit the Job Site / Current Status
Review Building Permits / Note ViolationsReview Draw Requests G-702 / 03
Written Inspection Report / Photos
Comment on the Quality of ConstructionPercentage of Completion Analysis
Certification of Cost to Complete
Document "Notices to Owner" Received
Verification of Change Orders
Verification of Stored Materials
Monitor Partial and Final Lien Releases
Certificate of Completion / Occupancy
        Owners Acceptance
             Additional Real Estate
                 Support Services
Home & Commercial Builiding Inspections
Foreclosure Inspections
Construction Project Management
Tenant Improvement Inspections
Real Estate Problem Work Outs