About Us

Inland Inspection Services Inc.,with offices in Fort Myers and Delray Beach, Florida has provided services of Commercial and Residential Construction Inspections, Building Inspections, Draw Disbursements / Application for Payment Inspections and Construction Monitoring for Construction Lenders and Owners throughout the State of Florida for over 35 years. Our professionally trained and Certified Construction Inspectors are insured and abide by the "Code of Ethics" of the Association of Construction Inspectors and the Housing Inspection Foundation.


Every Owner and Construction Lender knows the inherent risks associated with the Construction of a Home or Commercial Project. However managing these risks and implementing a process to avoid any pitfall is essential for protecting their interests. The Construction Inspector can be an important ingredient in assuring the success of the construction project, its quality control and completion within budget.



Construction Inspections for Commercial / Industrial / Land Development / Residential Single Family / Multi Family Projects


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